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Hard lessons

Looks like four more years of the systematic dismantling any advances in human rights, civil rights, equal and women's rights legislation in this country. I guess some people are so apathetic and inertia bound or just not informed enough to be as pissed off as we all have a right to be! Four more years of war and retaliation from nations that will no longer put up with our colonialist behaviors...four more years of this mushroom cloud of inflation and deficit growth, of joblessness and sketchy corporate dealings.

Congratulations, America, looks like you picked a winner!

I have a craving

Of course they are!

Now that I'm signed up and committed to run a half marathon on this coast, Galactic makes plans to play at Bumbershoot.

Monday, September 6
Bumbershoot Festival -Seattle Center
Seattle, WA
Advance $15 / Doors $20
Galactic at 5:30
All ages

BAH! Oh well...

Ha ha ha, just what I wanted

You are Lawn Boy. A little more mature than other's
your age, but not by much. You are still proud
of your youth, but are most likely just
starting to get your feet wet in the so called
*Real World*. Go buy this album now!

Which Phish Album are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Airport Friendly

My vegan Earth shoes have arrived and my feet are in love! :) I must say that they are highly packaged for a shoe that purports to be so earth friendly, but they did come with some fun little details (see the following) so I guess I can recycle the packaging and try to forgive. ;)

Attached to my right shoe was a tag that reads:
AIRPORT FRIENDLY (the 'O' in airport is a big, round, yellow smiley faced plane)
No steel shanks!
These shoes won't set off metal detectors
Travel with Earth

Ha ha ha, the deadly combination of clever cuteness gets me every time!


My co-worker, Robin, passed away last night from a brain tumor. I didn't know him for very long, but he was a beautiful soul and I'll miss him.

Winter makes a comeback

I wore shorts all weekend long. Seriously--the high on Saturday was just below 70 degrees and Sunday the temperature was in the mid-70s. Today it is around 50 degrees and our high tomorrow won't even top 39!

Blah, winter...

Had to share

What a wonderful site: http://www.vegforlife.org/

Contains a lot of links I often share with others and a few I didn't even know about!

Jingle all the way...

Soooooo, my racing addiction continues. In the cold, sleet-y, slushy streets of the city on Saturday, me and 1399 other fools competed in the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 10 K. By the end of the race my shoes and socks were full of icy water, my left hip (running injury) was killing me, and I questioned my sanity a bit BUT I also had an amazing time! Talk to me again when the temperature reaches sub zero degrees, but right now I feel as if I can run through anything.

The bee girl?

Clearly I watch way too much television, but I'm going to put this out there anyway. I just saw the new Pepsi commercial with the girl in glasses dressed up like a hot dog and the guy dressed up like a cup of Pepsi. The girl is frustrated because people are making fun of her and no one will take her fliers. She walks down the sidewalk, dejectedly and across the street she sees the Pepsi guy. The Blind Melon song, "No Rain" is playing in the background. So I started to wonder if the girl in the hotdog suit is the grown up Bee Girl from the "No Rain" video. Hee hee, this is what happens when I watch too much tv.