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One of my favorite friends got married this weekend and I was absolutely overjoyed to be there with him to celebrate. I'm not usually a fan of religious wedding ceremonies, but it was simple and sweet and he got that permagrin, wide eyed look as soon as his bride-to-be appeared in the church door. They are a lovely couple and I'm so happy for him. And even happier that his bitchy ex broke up with him all those years ago so he was able to meet someone who truly loves and appreciates and supports him. Ha ha ha, his mom and I were talking about this on the dance floor at the reception. SHE is fabulous --I can see where he gets his kind heart.
I don't want to be all obsesso about this, but since I started classes on Monday I haven't really had a proper workout. No, scratch that. I did a cardio strength workout Monday night and danced around the gym after my clients left last night, but I'm not sure the later of the two counts. So my schedule is the craziness and I really just need to find a way to fit in workouts and to alter my nutrition accordingly.

Sooooo, in that vein I am taking my own advice as a PT and logging my food daily.

6:00 AMish 1 Toasted Nuts and Cranberry Luna Bar (180 c, 4 g fat, 10g protein)

9:00 AM 1 small plum, 1 16 oz soy cappuccino w/half a pack of Splenda, 1 cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter (wow, this is a whopping 910 calories--ugh!)

11:00 AM 1 peach

Hrm...The plan is to run tonight after I finish with my client. Sounds like I need to keep that plan.


Day 1 - A&P

I have a small issue with the completely cracked person who decided that A&P at 7:30 AM is a smart idea, however it does fit my schedule. I'm struggling a bit with the heaviness of the material at such an early hour and feel a lot like I'm way too old to be dealing with this, but it must be done. It is nearly noon and I've already been awake for over 7 hours, gone to class, purchased (WAY too expensive) texts and been at my desk for about three hours. I should be tired, but the universe and Earth Healers herbals delivers again!

Apparently lab on Thursday night is the deciding factor on whether I washout (or blow, as the Scientologists would say--yeah, don't ask...). So, I have a few more days before either my morale is ruined and I withdraw or I become a sleep deprived wreck for the semester (or a multitasking genius--whichever).

ETL Life Plan Week Two Begins with a Thud

Yep, week two of the Life Plan and today I've already had a 240 calorie treat--my favorite Lance cookies in my former life. I know what this is all about: lack of sleep, too much to do at work and for school, feeling overcommitted, not allowing myself to step back and think.

I'm working hard mentally not to feel ashamed. Its been a good day and I'm allowed a 10% cheat, but I knew as I was buying the cookies that I shouldn't be doing it. I think I need to come here first and log my thoughts instead of "reaching into the cookie jar."

I'm okay, I'm just a little bummed out about my poor choice.

Food otherwise has been LP friendly:

Organic Maple Apple oatmeal with unsweetened almond soymilk
Dried blueberries, 1 small banana and kiwi slices

Romaine lettuce
Red bell pepper
Red cabbage
Baby Bella mushrooms
Black figs
and a nectarine

Dinner is not yet decided, but if I have my way (and if I don't have to attend a website test session) I will be preparing beans and greens at home and catching up on my World Religions homework.

Still I run...

and this time it'll be in China. Yep, even after the debacle that was this years Army Ten Miler (make that the 11.2 mile "fun run" I was forced to see to its disappointing end), I've got a new race goal.

The world beyond London...Iraq...

Not only was Haiti severely damaged by Hurricane Dennis, but the violence there continues to escalate. Why hasn't the US taken a step to assist? Where is Dubya's concern now?

Oh, I forgot, its just brown people and no oil or ice caps to drill for oil.

Are you experienced?

Drawn by the rock-climbing wall viewable from I4, Kurt and I were duped into driving through the entry gates of the Holy Land Experience. No, we did not pay the admission fees, nor did we stick around for longer than the explanation of the park required, but the best part was the recommendation of the security guard that we not come back on Monday because "the actors are off."

The shape of things to come...

Yesterday afternoon I attended a first birthday celebration for niece. The two youngest guests (other than the birthday girl) were two thirteen year old girls. Throughout the party they chatted with one another and played with my niece, understandably shy in a room full of much older people.

We offered the two girls cake. They refused. Ice cream? None of that either. Peanut butter truffles? Chips and salsa? Chili? No. No, thank you. "None for me!" Instead they shared a single, small plate of carrot sticks, celery, broccoli and a tiny quarter sized pool of dip.

They kept their eyes neatly averted from those of us eating sweets, but I wondered whether they longed for something more than the next 60 years of weight watching, endless workouts, stops in front of every mirror to check for extra inches, wretching in cold public toilets after meals, starving for a better life/a better body/ a perfect world?

There is light...

After 13.5 months of waiting (still waiting) on the Ineradicable Stain project there is a bit of progress. The update inspires me to be a bit more patient. Alas....

Kind friends,

I am pleased to announce that since the new year dawned, I have finished my database of names and addresses, and sent out about a hundred and fifty new words. I'm also in the process of sorting my overstuffed (sk)inbox, and separating out the emails from confirmed words who have questions about releases, photos etc, so I can answer them first. (One question I can answer preemptively: No, you have not been expunged. I haven't expunged anyone who didn't ask to be expunged.) My most pressing project is the printing and mailing of the story and certificate. It is not done, but it will be beautiful, I suspect, hope, and even insist. Thank you for your patience with this project's slow growth.



P.S. My arm is much better, finally, though it still feels wrong if I spend too many hours typing. Thank you so much for your many kind inquiries (and even get well gifts). I like you.

I want one...

... Now NOW now! Heh, I'm exactly the kind of customer Apple had in mind when they created THIS.